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Introducing HR Shield

HR Shield is our core HR, employment law and tribunal protection service. It's perfect for businesses of any size and can be customized to align with the requirements of your particular industry.

What is HR Shield?

Experience streamlined and more efficient personnel management. Crafted by HR experts at Fenton Elliott, HR Shield offers full oversight and control over your company while fostering connections among your workforce, regardless of their locations. Effortlessly handle all your routine HR administrative responsibilities.

Stay ahead of the curve with robust personnel tools that centralize all employee data. Process absence requests from any location swiftly.

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What's Included in HR Shield?

Our HR Shield package features a unique blend of high value business support and employee protection services designed to relieve you of the day-to-day burden of complicated and time consuming HR management and administration.

Learn more about HR Software, Tribunal Insurance Protection, HR Advice & Support.

Service Packages

Fundamentally different… Our unique 360 degree sector specific service takes the stress out of all your day-to-day HR management chores.

Our price estimates bellow show you costs based on the number of employees you have:

Maximum Number of Employees 5 10 20 35 50 75
HR Software read more… Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tribunal Insurance read more… Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HR Advice & Support read more… Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Regular newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project* discounted rates 0% 7.5% 10% 13% 15% 20%
Employee Contracts Yes Yes No No No No
Bespoke Employment Contracts & Handbook No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 hours bespoke HR training No No No Yes Yes Yes
Annual face to face review meeting No No No No Yes Yes
Bi-annual face to face meeting and 3 hours training No No No No No Yes
Total cost per month: 99

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* Projects = planned redundancy programme, Transfer of Undertakings and Restrictive Covenants.

Employment law and tribunal protection service 'HR Shield' by Fenton Elliott

What Makes Us Different?

Quite simply because we are proper, experienced employment law solicitors. A lot of insurance companies and HR companies refer to 'employment law specialists' or 'legal experts'. If they don't say 'solicitor' then the chances are they are not trained or qualified. With our HR Shield you actually get what you believe you are paying for. If you compare us to some slick companies who offer similar sounding services, you are not comparing apples with apples.

We guarantee that we offer a superior service

… and unlike HR consultancies, our advice is legally privileged and confidential between lawyer and client. HR consultancies cannot say the same and we think this is a real bonus for our client.