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Working with clients to nip legal problems in the bud.

We are friendly, down to earth, practical lawyers. We specialise solely in Employment and Family Law and don't dabble in anything else. Because of this we can drill deep into the law and we have decades of experience which we use to benefit your situation. In addition, we don’t sit on the fence; you actually get an answer. And we communicate clearly in plain English. All in all, we try to be the lawyers you would want in a perfect world.

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Why Choose Fenton Elliott?

Specialists in employment and family law

We are specialists in employment and family law. We don’t do anything else. Nothing to distract our focus. No pretending we are great at everything. We just strive to excel in our one little bit of law and focus on doing it to the best of our ability every day..

We provide clear, unambiguous communication. You will not need to refer to a Latin dictionary and you will not have to struggle with long, convoluted sentences. Our style guru is Ernest Hemingway. Basically, a typical Hemingway novel is written in simple, direct, unadorned prose and that’s what we try to do..

Our individual clients come from a range of backgrounds and from across the country as well as in West Berkshire/Oxfordshire. This means we use our experience of working with IT companies for the benefit of accountants and vice versa. We bring the best bits of how some businesses work to our other clients. And we act for both employers and employees, so we know how the other side thinks, what their objectives are and how to use this for our client’s advantage. Poacher turned gamekeeper (and back again).

We are competitively priced against our peers. And because we specialise in family and employment law, we are experienced and efficient at delivering our services. This means we work quickly, which in turn keeps your costs down.

We are responsive. Some professional advisers gloat about returning your call within 24 hours. Honestly! If you need help now, 24 hours is not helpful. We will always return your call within 2 hours, usually sooner.

We don’t sit on the fence. You will actually get an answer. You will get advice tailored for your needs, not some generic waffle about best practice.

Aims and Values

To create a financially sustainable firm that enables us to use the law to empower our clients to realise their business and personal potential. We aim to do this by working together as a team in accordance with our values which are central to the work we do.

Respect, fairness, openness, Integrity and honesty. Promoting equal opportunity and empowering each other to fulfil their potential and by having these values, creating a firm that survives and thrives.

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It is always a pleasure to work with Simon - he is very knowledgeable and really invests in his clients' cases. He is a real asset to have on your side.…

Ruth Kennedy
Barrister at 11 KBW

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