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A complete all-in-one HR Management System for your entire business

New technology is changing the way we work every day. Whilst HR has been, and always will be, about the human touch and strong staff relationships, progressive, modern businesses are now embracing cloud based tech to manage their workforces more accurately and consistently.

They are also making significant cost savings and improving their business bottom line by using HR management software. More secure than a filing cabinet, more organised than a spreadsheet and mobile device compatible, our software solution will improve your HR efficiency and staff management.

Our HR software solution is secure and organised

Its easy-to-use dashboard gives you access to an array of invaluable HR tools. It includes the following key features, benefits and system functionality:

  • Staff development & tracking
    Appraisals, training and performance reviews. Holiday and absence management. Current and past job history.
  • HR reporting tools
    Ability to create & export specific employee reports. Payroll time-tracking billing and staff expenses. Employment contract remuneration details.
  • HR Management
    Easy access staff handbook. Key date reminders and warnings. Health and safety management
HR Software in the Cloud - Staff handbooks, staff  development tracking, HR reorts and much more - HR Shield by Fenton Elliott

HR Software is part of our HR Shield package. Find out more below.

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HR Shield Your total wrap around HR support service

HR Shield is our core HR, employment law and tribunal protection service. It's perfect for businesses of any size and can be customized to align with the requirements of your particular industry.

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