Settlement Agreements

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Settlement or Compromise Agreements

Settlement Agreements are agreements where:

  • an employer and employee agree an exit from the business, or
  • agree to resolve an employment dispute.

At the end of the process;

  • you should receive additional money and
  • the employer gets the certainty that a line has been drawn under your employment and you won’t sue them.

In order to be legally binding, you have to take independent legal advice before signing a settlement agreement. In most cases, your employer will pay the legal costs.

When you get advice from Fenton Elliott Solicitors, we advise you on the law and whether you’ve been offered a reasonable deal. We can always seek to negotiate a better deal for you too. When it’s done, we will sign a certificate to confirm that we’ve given you proper legal advice backed by insurance.

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Here are some common settlement agreements questions:

We can do either. You’ll need to email the Settlement Agreement to us first, and we can review it and then discuss it with you on the phone, by zoom or face to face.


  • read the Settlement Agreement,
  • talk to you about it,
  • advise on the risks, the legalities and whether the money is fair
  • and then organise the paperwork

can be done in an hour or two.

If you want us to negotiate for you, this depends on the other party, but it can add as little as ½ hour, or sometimes weeks, to the process.

It is a legal requirement that before you sign a settlement agreement you take independent legal advice on what the agreement says. The settlement agreement solicitor’s role is to advise you on what the agreement means. We will take you through this legal contract step by step. Our lawyers will explain each of the terms and outline what your employer is offering you and what obligations apply to you.

The employer does. The employee only pays if they ask their lawyer to spend time negotiating or redrafting the agreement.

Watch our YouTube Video Playlist below that explains 'Settlement Agreements' for Employers and Employees, click the icon ☰ (top right of video) to watch each of the individual videos. 

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