Nuptial Agreements

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Commonly referred to as a“Pre-Nup” or Prenuptial Agreement

A nuptial agreement can help protect parties intentions at the beginning of a marriage should a marriage come to an end through divorce or separation in the future. These documents can carry a significant amount of weight and be highly persuasive in a later divorce and could save the parties thousands in legal fees as well as years of delayed concerns about the things most important to them.

Nuptial agreements can be drafted to help protect pre-marital wealth, determine plans and intentions for future childcare and arrangements, protect a family business or address how future inheritances might be treated.

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When should a Pre-Nuptial agreement be produced?

A Pre-Nuptial agreement occurs prior to the wedding and there are strict legal rules for drafting a pre-nuptial agreement that is going to be upheld in the future, including how long before a wedding the nuptial agreement should be agreed upon and signed, so it is fundamentally important to take early advice from an expert in the field.

A Post-Nuptial agreement occurs at any point after the wedding and can be used in a very similar way; in fact, often these are more effective documents as the pressure of the build-up to the wedding itself is removed.

Both parties to a Nuptial Agreement should have separate legal advice from expert family lawyers; if one party wishes to speak to one of this firm’s family team then we would be more than happy to provide recommendations to other leading family lawyers locally we can effectively collaborate within order to keep costs to a proportionate level.

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