International Family Law

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International Family Law

In the modern world, it is not uncommon for families to have international interests and these can affect you on the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. If you (or your spouse/partner) have financial interests abroad, such as a business or property, or you have lived abroad or travel very regularly for work, it is important to take advice from a family lawyer with experience in international issues of family law. It might be that matters are urgent if there is the potential for your divorce to be heard in an alternative country.

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Alternatively, you may have disputes about the international movements of your children. Our family team have extensive experience in dealing with Court applications to relocate children outside of England following a separation. Any child is not allowed to leave the country (whether for a holiday or to permanently relocate residence) without the permission of all people with parental responsibility for that child or a Court Order; parents wishing to relocate internationally against the other parent’s wishes must seek“leave to remove” the child from the Country from the FamilyCourt.

Equally, our Family Law Team boast successful experience in defending a Hague Child Abduction application in the High Court, London. If you are subject to Hague Child Abduction Proceedings in England, or you are seeking to retain a child in England against the wishes of the other parent in another country and believe you have an appropriate, reasonable and justifiable reason to do so, then expert advice from our team is necessary urgently

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