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HR Training – experience counts

We have thousands of hours of teaching experience. Our team were proper teachers before becoming lawyers.  We know how to present new information, how to keep it interesting and how to make it relevant.  It’s our special superpower.

These are a selection of recent courses we’ve given:

  • How to dismiss an Employee (with minimum risk)
  • Dealing with sick employees
  • How to handle a disciplinary (or grievance) process
  • Preparing for an Employment Tribunal
  • Introduction to Employment Law for HR Professionals
  • Mock Employment Tribunal

We can come to you to give the training at your workplace, do it at an off site venue or online.

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We charge for our expertise on a time basis. We believe this is the fairest way to do so, as every case is different, and we intend to offer the right service for all clients. We also appreciate that legal costs can be considerable, often at a time of stress and economic insecurity.

We are transparent about our costs in our letter of engagement and aim to give you the best estimate we can. You can set a limit on the work that is done, and we will always keep an eye on the costs relative to the possible benefit. We invoice monthly, so that you can manage your outgoings.

Can I claim my costs back?

Where litigation is involved, most of our work takes place in the Employment Tribunal. The general rule is that the Employment Tribunal does not make costs orders. This means that if you lose, you will not usually have to pay your employer’s legal costs, and if you win, they will not have to pay yours. In almost all cases, you should expect to pay your own legal costs- we will let you know if we think this might be different for you.

We know that many solicitors advertise ‘free legal advice’. When you call us for the first time, we will not charge you. In this initial call, we will be able to give you general advice and advise you of next steps. We won’t be able to advise you fully because we will not have seen all the relevant information, and our advice is only insured once you are a client. Where you need more than general signposting, we will take you on as a client and send you costs information before we do anything else.

It is vital that we understand your case fully before committing you to the legal costs associated with representation in the Employment Tribunal. We will not advise you to use our services if we think it is likely you will lose more than you gain. This takes time. Before advising you, we need to speak to you in detail and carefully read all the relevant documents you provide. For a fixed fee of £500 (plus VAT), we can carry out the necessary work and provide you with a report confirming your options, your chance of success, and a guide to the compensation you might expect.

I have to say you went down a storm! There has been a lot of really positive feedback, a lot of which included high praise for your presentational skills and charisma. On a personal note I and my colleges from the union found the course informative and entertaining on equal levels. I do hope we get to run further courses in the future and our paths cross again. Thank you for an entertaining day.

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