Finances on Separation

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How will our finances be divided?

In any relationship breakdown, the biggest worry is often how the finances will be divided. 

  • What happens to the house? 
  • Can I afford to live alone? 
  • What about the family business? 

Every family will have different queries and that is why it is important to seek expert advice as early as possible. All cases are different and there is no quick-fix formula for resolving a financial dispute on separation. 

If you are married, there are legal principles to be applied but how much weight to apply to each principle depends on each family’s circumstances.

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Experts in Family Law

We are able to advise clients about the long-term options as well as the best way to approach the financial negotiations tactically. Whether it is a case where the finances appear simple to understand or whether there are complex trusts, stock options, family businesses or international assets, it is just as important in every scenario to take expert advice from a specialist family lawyer.

If you are not married but have joint financial interests, like a co-owned home or business, then there are entirely different legal principles to consider. Do not be fooled by the internet as there is no such thing as a “common-law spouse/marriage” in this country.

If you want to talk to our experts in Family Law to consider all of your options and your next steps then please reach out to book a free initial consultation by either calling the office or completing this online enquiry form.

Chris Sutton is excellent. He’s extremely hardworking and his key strengths are giving the client’s realistic advice about what is achievable and he really understands the judges in his patch very well, and therefore he tailors his advice and strategy accordingly.

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