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Managing A Disciplinary or Grievance Process

A disciplinary or grievance process not handled properly can end up in Employment Tribunal litigation, so it is vital that you get these right.  But they can be tricky because working relationships can be emotional and a breakdown can cause irreparable damage. 

The first step in either process is often an investigation the purpose of which is to get the facts.  And the first question is who should conduct the investigation?  In smaller organisations or where a senior employee is accused, it can be better to outsource the investigation.

At Fenton Elliott we advise clients how to conduct investigations and we can also step in and run them for clients, arranging a thorough and impartial process and resulting in a complete report which can be relied on in any subsequent proceedings.

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Recent Work

Investigation into Denied Redundancy

Conducting an investigation for a school about an allegation about an unfair process resulting in a teacher being denied a £180,000 redundancy payment.

Advice on Bullying Disciplinary

Advising a medical devices company on a disciplinary investigation about bullying by a director.

Advice on Sexual Assault Allegations

Advising a large manufacturer on allegations of sexual assault by a salesman at a company sales conference.

What I want in a solicitor is someone who will fight for me, who is commercial (ie he understands the bigger picture) and who really understands the law. Simon is all of these things. When I have used Simon, his personable and forensically detailed approach put me at ease, and ensured that I achieved the best possible result. Simon was always available, always returned my calls, and nothing I asked was ever too much for him. He was happy and enthusiastic to help me. One of my favourite things about Simon is that comes up with unique, creative solutions that you cannot find in a text book or from your average solicitor. He is able to do this because of his ability to truly understand the needs of his clients and due to the outstanding level of care that he delivers. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon to anyone needing employment law advice.

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