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Unmarried couples living together do not have the same protections in property rights as married couples and similar rights cannot be accrued over time or through raising children. There is a myth about the existence of a “common-law marriage” and it is exactly that... a myth.

Whether you are just setting out on an incredible new adventure buying a property with a partner and some expert advice on how to protect your separate investments or contributions, or whether your relationship is ending and you want to understand how your financial interests should be addressed, our family law team can guide you. From drafting declarations of trust and cohabitation agreements to avoid disputes on any later separation, or analysing how to untangle a co-owned property on a separation that is underway you can count on helpful and understanding advice from our team.

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Chris Sutton has supported me for the last three years to improve access to my son. Chris is child' centric, and is focused on their best outcomes. For three years we had a clear strategy to deliver my child's wishes and how best to present the case on behalf of my child. Whilst I don't wish for anyone to be in my situation, if they are they should call Chris.

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