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Parental Responsibility

The children are often the innocent victims in the breakdown of any relationship but parents who have joint parental responsibility must continue to make decisions as to any child’s best interest while they remain dependent. But when the parents are in dispute, we are able to advise about all the options for resolving that dispute and protecting the best interests of the children in question.

Whether it is a dispute as to where the children live, often they spend time with the other parent, or a specific issue in dispute, such as religious upbringing, relocation, school choices or a contentious holiday, we have the expertise to guide you carefully through the options to resolve your dispute as amicably as possible.

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Chris Sutton is excellent. He’s extremely hardworking and his key strengths are giving the client’s realistic advice about what is achievable and he really understands the judges in his patch very well, and therefore he tailors his advice and strategy accordingly.

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